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AERIS provides access to the radar data of the French operational network Météo-France in France and overseas.

The radar data are composed of four products :

The archive is under construction. The availability page will allow you to see the available data.

License and access requests

The data are subject to the license described on this page.

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Detailed description of the Météo France radars products

Mosaïque de Cumul Lame d’Eau 5min

The NetCDF product “Mosaïque de Cumul Lame d’Eau” is a 5 minutes product, available for the four domains: Metropolitan France, Reunion, West Indies and New Caledonia.

Each file contains the following two mosaic parameters:

  • The quality code in % (variable QUALITY): Its values are coded between 0 (unusable) and 100 (excellent). For a given pixel, the quality code assigned to the mosaic is the best of the individual quality codes of the radars covering the pixel.
  • The 5min water level in 1/100mm (ACRR variable):This is an estimate of the cumulative rainfall in 5 minutes, obtained by composing the individual 5min water waves of the radars in the Météo-France network.The individual radar water waves from the different radars are combined by taking into account, for each pixel, the respective quality codes of the pixels from the different radars.The cloud classification from the satellite imagery and the reflectivity texture are used to generate a probability of rain (PP). The rain probability product is used to filter out clear air and residual clutter in the water mosaic

Mosaïque COMEPHORE de Cumul Lame d’Eau Horaire

COMEPHORE (COmbination for Best Estimation of Hourly Precipitation) is an hourly reanalysis of precipitation by merging radar and rain gauge data, covering metropolitan France.

The AERIS product of “Mosaic COMEPHORE” is a NETCDF product available for the Metropolitan France domain. It is monthly and includes all hourly COMEPHORE mosaics of the month. The data are masked beyond about 30 km from the coast and borders.

It contains the 3 parameters:

  • The reanalysis of the cumulative hourly water level in 1/10mm (RR variable)
  • The uncertainty on the cumulative hourly water level in 1/10 mm (variable ERR)
  • A radar qualification code (variable QUALIF)

Données Radiales Brutes Simple-Polarisation – PAG

The PAG files concern the Doppler parameters. Here are the main characteristics of the product:

  • Granularity: 15 minute cycle / 1 radar
  • Availability: All radars in France and overseas
  • Resolution: 0.5° azimuth x 1000m and 720 radials x 256 gates per turn
  • Parameters: Horizontal reflectivity, Standard deviation, Radial speed

Données Radiales Brutes Double-Polarisation – PAM

The PAM files concenr polarimetric parameters. Here are the main characteristics of the product:

  • Granularité : Cycle de 15 minutes / 1 radar
  • Disponibilité : Dual-polarization radars in France and overseas
  • Parameters : 0.5° azimuth x 240m and 720 radials x 1066 gates per turn
  • Paramètres : Horizontal Reflectivity, Correlation, Differential Reflectivity and Differential Phase